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How does Dahill 360 Managed Print Services help your business?

Managed Print Services

Dahill Managed Print Services, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
What is Managed Print Services

The Dahill 360 Managed Print Services program offers you a full set of services and tools to help you manage your fleet effortlessly.

  • Monthly budgetable printer expense - Dahill helps you gain control of your toner, supplies and services expenses tied to your desktop printers.
  • Extend the lifetime of you assets - With strategic printer placement recommendations, printer support and printer service, Dahill will help extend the life of your current printer fleet.
  • Maximize your current infrastructure - After a full assessment, Dahill will recommend solutions to increase productivity and right size your office equipment.
  • Quarterly Business Reviews - Quarterly business meetings are scheduled to review customers account over the past quarter.
Dahill Managed Print Services

Dahill Print Programs

Dahill offers a wide variety of print solutions. Whether it is taking over existing printers or placing new equipment in the field, Dahill has a solution for you.

  • Remote Location Support - Dahill can provide printers all over the US.
  • Current equipment support - Dahill can support a wide variety of printer manufacturers and models.
  • All inclusive print program - Customer only pays for the service for the printer. Printer is provided by Dahill. Never pay for a printer again!
Dahill Managed Print Services

Dahill Print Assessment Overview

Dahill performs a physical walk through of your organization. During the walk through we will map and notate every device that retrieves, scans or prints documents. After understanding the workflow of documents through your organization, Dahill will recommend and consult you on a solution that best fits your organization


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