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Dahill Automated Meters Solution

Dahill 360App Automation - control, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
Dahill360 App - Automated Meter Readings

Automatic meter collection. Device control. All in one.

With our free HIPAA approved program you can now monitor your devices for print and supply requirements.


Automatic Meter Readings

FMAudit is a complete suite of solutions for remote meter collection and managed print services. While most of our clients initially look to us for remote meter reading solutions or print management assessment tools, many are pleased to learn about the unique solutions we offer to help reduce overhead, automate service and increase sales.

The program can help you monitor clicks, up-time and even toner requirements.

The Dahill Central Server is the heart of the Dahill360 FMAudit® software solution. This data repository holds all of the usage data from your devices and seamlessly integrates that data with your fleet management program, giving you leverage to plan, manage and adjust your goals for your project.

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