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Nuance Copitrak
Nuance Copitrak

The #1 cost recovery and document scanning workflow platform.

Nuance Copitrak is a single, integrated solution that not only seamlessly tracks and recovers costs, but also automates the document lifecycle and breaks down scanning workflow bottlenecks. It offers the accessibility end-users demand while providing insight into expenses, profitability, and cost recovery.


Cost recovery that pleases everyone.


  • Broadest cross-platform support With Copitrak, cost recovery is always accessible and activity can be tracked virtually anywhere, from Copitrak Eclipse and embedded MFP terminals to desktops, web browsers, tablets, and even smartphones.
  • A consistent end-user experience With system accessibility from anywhere, and a consistent, easy-to-understand platform, Copitrak eliminates end-user frustration and boosts adoption across your organization.
  • Secure personal printing and scanning that follows users wherever they are The Copitrak suite provides each user with the MyVault personal Follow You print queue and scan inbox. MyVault is always private, highly secure, and conveniently accessible from any Copitrak-enabled printer or employee’s desktop, web browser, or mobile device.
  • Single solution, number one provider With the Copitrak suite, you benefit from an integrated solution for secure printing, scanning workflow, and cost recovery.

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