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XMPie UDirect Studio
XEROX XMPie UDirect Studio

uDirect harnesses the power of variable data printing (VDP) to help operations from small to large develop powerful, 1:1 print campaigns. Whether you are testing the waters of VDP or are a seasoned professional, the uDirect line provides everything you need to help you easily, efficiently and cost-effectively reach your audience with relevant, personalized communication pieces that deliver impressive results.


XMPie uDirect is a complete solution, thoughtfully engineered to include every component of the VDP workflow – data, design and production – to ensure complete integration and information flow.

  • Data: With uDirect, link to a data source such as an Excel file. A simple, menu-driven approach helps both novice and expert data professionals connect data and business logic with easy-to-use objects for variable design. Using a rule-based editor, conveniently define if-then-else conditional logic without the need for high-level programming skills.
  • Design: The uDirect plug-in helps design professionals quickly and easily create, edit and update variable layouts, all within industrystandard Adobe InDesign, eliminating the learning curve.
  • Production: With just a few clicks of the mouse, your print-ready files can be sent for printing without leaving the familiarity of InDesign. uDirect supports a wide variety of output formats including: Adobe® PDF, PDF/VT, Adobe® PostScript, PPML and more.

The uDirect family of products are fully scalable solutions that can expand as your business grows. You can move from desktop to server without having to re-work or lose any of the work you have already created. As your business requires, easily upgrade in the future without sacrificing your initial investment by adding higher volume VDP production, Web-to-print or 1:1 cross-media capabilities.

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