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Dahill Managed IT Security

managed IT security

We manage your Technology. You manage your business.
Enjoy the ease and efficiency of a managed IT security team, allowing you to concentrate on the growth of your business.

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What is included in our IT Security Support?

At Dahill, our managed IT security team will identify the right areas to improve your security measures, help with employee awareness,and configure the right technology to ensure a succesfull IT Security approach on your network.

  • Managing Network Firewalls - Firewalls are the gateway in and out of your companies' network and will always remain a primary network defense against security leaks and attacks.


  • Device Configuration Management - We monitor device configuration changes which can lead to dangerous security risks to costly business downtime.


  • End-user Vulnerability Management - Devices used by end-users, such as workstations, can become easy targets for hackers. From weak passwords, unencrypted hard drives, malware infection from the web, and more importantly, missing software patches, can lead to disastrous results. We manage these aspects for you and let you know if we encounter such threats.


Dahill Managed Print Services

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Our proactive support model provides a true IT support experience. Dahill wants to partner with you as an IT provider, similar to an experience of hiring an internal employee without the additional costs of overhead.

We will assess, analyze and report back on all aspects included below:

  • Hardware failures
  • Desktop and Server Patches
  • Installed Applications
  • Hardware Warranty
  • Asset management list
  • Validate your understanding of the network and keep yourself informed of all and any changes