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Dahill Data Security Services and Recycling Programs

Data Security Services


What you need to know

As part of the Xerox family, Dahill takes Data Security Services very seriously and we work with you to keep your data protected from unauthorized access. Our focus is to ensure privacy and security of your corporate data.

Copiers and MFPs often are leased, returned, and then leased again or sold. It’s critical to your business to know how to secure your data that may be retained on a copier hard drive, and what to do with a hard drive when you return a leased copier or dispose of one you own.
It’s wise to build in data security for each stage of your digital copier’s life-cycles when you plan to acquire a device, when you buy or lease, while you use it, and when you turn it in or dispose of it.

At Dahill we offer devices from manufacturers that offer data security features with their copiers. These may come either as a standard feature built into the device or as optional add-on kits.

The typical method to secure data on these devices involve either encryption or overwriting.

  • Encryption is the scrambling of data using a secret code that can be read only by particular software. Digital copiers that offer encryption encode the data stored on the hard drive so that it cannot be retrieved even if the hard drive is removed from the machine.
  • Overwriting — also known as file wiping or shredding changes the values of the bits on the disk that make up a file by overwriting existing data with random characters. By overwriting the disk space that the file occupied, its traces are removed, and the file can’t be reconstructed as easily.
  • Deleting or reformatting data:Deleting data or reformatting the hard drive doesn’t actually alter or remove the data, but rather alters how the hard drive finds the data and combines it to make files: The data remains and may be recovered through a variety of utility software programs.
  • Passcodes:the ability to lock the hard drives using a passcode; this means that the data is protected, even if the drive is removed from the machine.

Depending on the copier, the overwriting feature may allow a user to overwrite after every job run, periodically to clean out the memory, or on a preset schedule.
Users may be able to set the number of times data is overwritten — generally, the more times the data is overwritten, the safer it is from being retrieved.

However, for speed and convenience, some printers let you save documents (for example, a personnel leave slip) and print them straight from the printer hard drive without having to retrieve the file from your computer. For copiers that offer this feature, the memory is not overwritten with the rest of the memory. Users should be aware that these documents are still available.

  • All digital copiers and MFP's manufactured contains a hard drive.
  • Images of every document scanned, copied, or emailed by these machines are stored on the hard drive of the device.
  • Deleted data can be restored with special software

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